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LAMP development on OSX

mamp_homeI recently acquired myself a 13″ Macbook Pro, one of those new shiny unibody ones, which I now use as my primary work and freelance machine. I used to run Ubuntu on my laptop to ease freelance web development that I do with Zend Framework and WordPress etc. Mostly PHP type work.

With the Mac comes a whole host of new issues to get things going, where the more hardcore Mac fundi will install things like DarwinPorts or Fink or some such. Previously I had fink installed, and never really found that I absolutely *required* it, so this time around I’m not installing anything like DarwinPorts of Fink.

However, the underlying components to do LAMP-type development are all open-source and free, and the nice folks at MAMP put together a stellar package to ease the pain. The MAMP installer gives you everything you need, to get local web development going on a Mac. It includes Apache 2.x, Mysql 5.x, PHP 4 and PHP 5, Postfix for mail delivery, and if you’re OK with paying $$$ for MAMP Pro, you’ll get virtual hosts, PHPMyadmin, Dynamic DNS support and a whole host more features. MAMP Pro is available for a 14-day trial as well.

In summary, MAMP is a one-click-to-download one-stop app for everything you need to run a fully functional local web development setup, for all values where “P=PHP”. Perl and Python support inside MAMP is not there, for those you’ll likely need to do some hacking around, but I’m sure it’s possible. Oh, there’s one thing MAMP doesn’t give you, and that’s naturally an editing environment for your projects. IDEs for [L|W|M]AMP development is a personal choice, some people prefer gvim, others use bbedit, or textmate, or Eclipse PDT. I still use the Zend IDE, as it has nice built-in support for Zend Framework, and I’ve been testing out the beta version of the 7.0.x version, and so far it looks very good.

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