Welcome to Aubrey Kilian’s blog.  I came across the name for my online presence after playing around with an anagram server and throwing a bunch of techie words at it, and the name just kind of stuck.

I felt the need to create a new blog, with a new name, due to my previous one feeling a bit juvenile, and wanting my web-presence to reflect something a little less, well, juvenile. 🙂 And yet, games will still feature on the blog. Amongst things like mobile development, games development, coding, hardware, Linux and whatever techie/geeky stuff may come up.

My ultimate life goal is to be a successful (Indie) Games Developer.  And by “life goal” I mean “dream”, by “successful” I mean “love what I do and make enough money to sustain life”, and by “Indie Games Developer” I mean “Somebody that creates games for a living”.  I have a severe lack of creative bones in my body, so artistry in games is something I trust other people to do, but game mechanics and nitty-gritty coding, that’s my happy place.

Connect with me:

Contact me:

  • LinkedIn [If you’re a recruiter, please don’t…]

Things I used to do in my spare time:

Things I now do in my spare time:

  • Pretend I am able to finish developing a game in Unity [I have about 20 unfinished prototypes, it’s a sad, sad, sad story actually…]
  • Buy, and then not play, (mostly Indie) games on Steam
  • Small to medium freelance PHP development projects
  • Freelance Linux and/or FreeBSD server administration
  • Pretend I know how to trade Bitcoin on exchanges to make more Bitcoin
  • I value continuous education, so I spend a fair amount of time on Udemy learning more
  • And SitePoint (neé Learnable)
  • I’ve learnt a lot

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