Adventures in Unity: How to change the default New Unity Project path in Windows

UPDATE: This was for Unity 4.x, and no longer applies to Unity 5.x

I just re-installed my computer, and installed Unity again, aaah, a clean slate. Upon starting Unity up, I realised that it had the rather daft default New Unity Project path set to something silly like C:\Users\aubrey\Documents\New Unity Project\ – but I gather all my Unity projects in my C:\Development\ folder, so I wanted to change that default path.

A quick Google search found only questions, and no answers, on the Unity forums, as well as StackExchange etc. So I went a digging.

Luckily, it did not take me long to find exactly what I was looking for, which was a single registry entry that needed to be changed.

So here it is:

In there, you will see a String with a name starting with kProjectBasePath.

At least, that’s what it is on my computer. I merely searched for “kProjectBasePath” in the registry, and the above came up. It’s a simple registry string, so once you find it, double click it and you can edit it to whatever you want.

If you store your Unity Projects in a folder under your Documents folder like I used to, then the following value will do perfectly:

Just make sure you’ve created this folder first.

Happy Unity’ing.

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  1. This DIDN’T work for me. When i looked at the key that you mentioned it was already set to the folder i wish to use as my default folder, (perhaps because i had previously saved my last project there.) I retyped it anyway and followed your instructions, however when i try to open a new project it still defaults back to c:/users/me/appdata/blah/unityproject1/etc… Searched google many times but every time i find any information regarding the problem i also find a reference back to this fix which erm, as i said, doesn’t…

  2. Agree with Keith. I also found that starting with “kProjectBasePath” has value already set and changing it doesnt affect the default location

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