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Battle of the Planets

Battle of the PlanetsFor some reason yesterday I thought of a TV series we watched as kids. I remember my dad renting videos with two episodes per cassette. I couldn’t remember the name, but Google helped, naturally. All I could remember was that I watched it in the ’80s, and there were 5 kids that had numbers on their helmets, and they could transform into some super-powerful thing. This search on Google ( anime+five+numbers+helmet+1980’s+series ) led me to a page that sells figurines from the tv show.

The series was called Battle of the Planets, see if you remember this:

I absolutely loved the show. It featured “5 incredible young people with incredible super powers” called G-Force, assisted by an R2D2-like robot called 7-Zark-7. Oh man I loved that show.

Some interesting notes about the show on the Battle of the Planets wikipedia page and the IMDB page.