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Sheena (aka SheBee of, decided to start an online magazine, and via Twitter, and practically every other medium she had at her disposal, called for contributors. And so launched NerdMag. 9am this morning the site was unveiled, and if you look carefully, you might see a familiar name.

Yes, mine. I opted to reply to the call for contributors only ‘cos I find that I like writing, almost as much as I like gaming, and I’d like to write about games more than just reviews, you know? So SheBee gave the go ahead, gave me some ideas, and I started. My first article became so big that I had to abandon it, verbal diarrhoea is not the best way to start for a first article on a new online mag. So, off you go, go enjoy the new kid on the block that is NerdMag, and don’t forget to read, and comment on all the cool content there, especially my article. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And to Sheena, good luck with the venture, you’re doing something lots of people dream about but never actually execute, so that makes you one step ahead of a lot of people. All the best. And thanks for the opportunity to smear my content on your project. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Weezer music video and Youtube

The first time I ever heard a Weezer song, and watched one of their music videos for that matter, was when we unpacked the Beta version of Windows 95 back in 1994 (It came as part of an MSDN package if I recall), and there was a music video. (A quick search reveals it was their song Buddy Holly) I liked the song, and never really latched onto their music much.

But it came as no surprise to me when I came across this really awesome music video of their’s, their latest song called “Pork and Beans”. The Youtube video’s had over 1.2million views in a single day.

In a nutshell, they took practically every online video meme that’s ever made the rounds, and made a music video out of them, by putting themselves into the videos. And either they managed to get some really good lookalikes, or they tracked down the original people that featured in these memes and used them.

I came across the Weezer music video via this digg post, that links through to a nice list of embeds for each of the source Youtube videos used in Weezer’s music vid.

And I must say, the video is absolutely fantastic, and uses several of my favourite memes that’s gone around, including Daft Hands, Coke+Mentos, Afro Ninja, Dramatic Gopher, and a whole bunch more. (Not to mention All Your Base that predates Youtube by years!)

x.x.x – not what you may think

A few years ago I was told about a site where you could submit any story you want, talk about whatever you want, as long as whatever you had to say, was 100 words long. No more, no less. “That might be of interest to them literary individuals, but not me” I muttered.

Recently, the site was re-launched under the guise of “x.x.x“, and with this re-launch came a new interest on my behalf, in wanting to take up this 100 word challenge.

Tonight, I took up that challenge, and braindumped about the most recent, semi-interesting thing to happen. True story. Go have a look at my 5 minute master piece.